SOTI Connect provides complete lifecycle management of TSC Printronix Auto ID desktop, industrial and RFID printer models.

Its highly flexible, data-driven architecture means new printers are quickly supported and managed, reducing deployment time for IoT initiatives. SOTI Connect delivers on what matters: increased reliability of an organization’s printer fleet and the quality of the materials being printed.

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5 Reasons to Choose SOTI Connect for Your Printers

  1. Easily Update Firmware and Apps from a Single Console
    Remotely install maintenance releases or add new capabilities from TSC Printronix Auto ID to enable the latest and greatest features.
  2. Reduce Unexpected Print Downtime and Workflow Disruptions
    Set up automation rules to issue alerts and actions when pre-defined conditions are met to empower IT administrators to stay ahead of end user needs.
  3. Change Printer Settings From Any Location
    Adjust configurations and settings remotely to maintain print consistency and ensure optimal print quality.
  4. Provide Visibility and Management for Unattended Business-Critical Printers
    Instant access and real-time information to printer endpoints, and the ability to immediately troubleshoot and resolve issues, eliminates unnecessary and expensive onsite maintenance, returns and Direct-to-Factory repairs.
  5. Collect and Analyze Data to Continue Optimal Printer Performance
    From battery level to operating temperature, collect valuable printer health information to fine tune configurations and ensure printers reliably operate at full capacity, around the clock.


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Want more information about managing your printers with SOTI Connect?

TSC Printronix Auto ID Printers Managed by SOTI Connect

Printronix Auto ID T800 Desktop RFID Printer

T800/T800 RFID

Enterprise-Level Desktop Printer

View product >

Printronix Auto ID T4000 Industrial RFID Printer

T4000/T4000 RFID

Entry-Level Industrial Printer

View product >

Printronix Auto ID T6000e Industrial RFID Printer

T6000e/T6000e RFID

Industrial Printer Series

View product >

Printronix Auto ID T8000 Industrial RFID Printer


High-Performance Industrial Printer Series

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Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D Industrial Barcode Printer Verifier


Integrated Barcode Printer/Verifier

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TSC Auto ID MH240 Industrial Barcode Label Printer

MH240 (Ethernet only)

Industrial Barcode Printer

View product > 

TSC Auto ID MX240P Industrial Barcode Label Printer

MX240 (Ethernet only)

Industrial Barcode Printer

View product >

TSC Auto ID TX200 Desktop Barcode Label Printer

TX Series (Ethernet only)

Desktop Barcode Printer

View product >

TSC Auto ID PEX Series Print Engine

PEX Series (Ethernet only)

Print Engine

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