What is TSC Standalone Creator?

An exclusive software that makes updating interactive touch panel menus and label designs easy by using an icon-based drag-and-drop interface for TSC printers – no programming experience required.

Who will benefit from it?

System Integrators (SI) and end-users can reduce programming efforts on printer setup and create their own standalone solutions quickly and easily.

Where to use it?

When a business requires frequent changes to touch panel menu options and labels, the software enables key-in variable data via touch panel or input devices connected to the printer without the aid of a computer.

Key Features


Dynamic TSPL Capabilities

TSC Standalone Creator makes it simple to perform comprehensive TSPL functions with no programming experience

Computer 5

Drag-and-Drop User Interface

The icon-based drag-and-drop interface creates an optimal user experience to easily add functional elements to customizable templates to accelerate the design process


Customized Panel Screen & Label Design

Create sophisticated touch panel operations and label designs that adapt to your ever-changing  business needs


Effortless Deployment

Easily download directly to the printer with a single click, or save and deploy the standalone application file to a fleet of printers via TSC console


Dynamic TSPL Capabilities

  • No programming experience is required to use TSC Standalone Creator
  • Users can easily customize TSPL functions using an icon-based interface to design touch panel menus and labels

Drag-and-Drop User Interface

  • Users can choose from a comprehensive lists of built-in tools and functions and simply drag and drop elements into the preview area and make precise adjustments to menus and labels from a blank canvas or pre-existing design templates
Drag-and-Drop User Interface-1

Customized Panel Screen and Label Design

  • Touch Panel Menu Creator – Create custom touch panels with background images, unique variable data, adjustable menu lists, and dynamic graphic elements to fit various business operations
  • Label Template Creator – Edit label settings and specifications, receive and output variable data from touch panel commands, and select various shapes and barcodes to design labels that suit your business needs

Effortless Deployment

  • Directly download to a single printer – Download completed design files to a single printer via several interface options available with just a single click


  • Deploy to multiple printers – Save completed design files to a desired folder location and utilize TSC Console file manager to quickly and efficiently deploy to a group printers

Support Models and Languages

Supported Models

TTP-286MT Series/TTP-2610MT Series/MB240T Series/MX240P Series/MX241P Series/MH240P Series/MH240T Series/MH241P Series/MH241T Series/MH261T Series

*Compatible with any TSC printer model with touch panel

Supported Languages

English/German/French/Spanish/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese


Where can I download the TSC Standalone Creator application?

The download file for the latest version of TSC Standalone Creator and related supporting documents are available from “Product Support & Downloads” on the official TSC website

What are the minimum system requirements for this software?
Operation System: Windows 7/Windows 10
System permission requirements: Read/write permissions for the installation directory and system disk
Microsoft .NET Framework: .NET Framework 4.0 or later. (Win7/Win10 already supported)
How do I activate the license?

1. Download and install TSC Standalone Creator

2. Email and attach the tsc.cert file located in the \TSC Standalone Creator\cert\directory

3. TSC will send the activation code to the registered email address after confirmation

4. Period of license validity is 1 year

How do I renew the license?

Please refer to Question 3 to re-apply for the new activation code if it has expired

How do I deploy the application to multiple printers at the same time?

1. Use the “Download to printer → Save to local folder" function to export files to a local PC

2. Download the files to the selected printers and deploy through a printer management software either TSC Console or SOTI Connect

How to create a CSV database file using Microsoft Excel?

1. Open the file with Microsoft Excel

2. Define the data field name in the first row of the table

3. Complete the value of each data field to add new data rows

4. Click “File → Save As” function

5. Change the “Save as type” to “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)”

6. Press “Save”

*For more info about CSV database, please refer to TSC Standalone Creator User Manual Ch.3-2

How to update TSC Standalone Creator to the latest version?

Please visit the "Product Support & Downloads" on the official TSC website to download the latest version of the software