What is TSC Console?

A software for quickly and remotely monitoring printers, configuring settings, deploying programs, and troubleshooting problems.

Who will benefit from it?

Ideal for small and medium-sized business (SMBs) who manage dozens to hundreds of label printers.

Where to use it?

Anywhere printers can connect to TSC Console, via wireless or wired connection.

Key Features

TSC Console-configuration

All-Around Configuration

The integrated management tool enables users to freely configure TSC printers and meet management requirements.

maintenance (1)

Preventive Maintenance

The ability to monitor the printer’s TPH Mechanism, cutter, smart battery, and other printer health information minimizes downtime caused by failing parts. All diagnostic functions can be conducted by one click, maximizing the user experience.


Enhanced Deployment

Organizations can update firmware, configure TSC printers, and deploy configuration files for SOTI Connect and TSC Standalone Creator to multiple printers at the same time in one easy step. This comprehensive feature allows users to segment printers by model, interface, or custom options.

More Features


Real-Time Monitoring

TSC Console is a printer management software designed to quickly and remotely monitor printers, configure settings, deploy programs, and troubleshoot problems

Deploy Programs and Firmware with Multiple Interfaces

  • Quickly implement programs or update firmware with TSC Console
  • Multi-connectivity options, ranging from USB, RS232, LPT, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi


Identify errors and view printer information by command mode

Configure Printer Settings

Configure TSC printers for various applications

TPH Care

Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism – scan and detect bad dots on the printhead during the printing process, reduce downtime, prevent faulty labels, and avoid bad quality barcodes on mission critical tasks

ID & Count

  • Shows the printhead and cutter’s serial number (ID), reassuring quality commitment from the manufacturer.
  • Records the TPH odometer and the cutter count number, enabling advanced notice for component replacement.

Smart Battery

Smart Battery Management System (BMS) - Intelligently designed battery ensures productivity over a full shift and monitors battery health and remaining capacity to avoid downtime

TSC Console-configuration

Supported Models and Languages

Supported Models

All TSC printers

Supported Languages

English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Norwegian / Swedish/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Japanese/ Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese


Where can I download TSC Console?
The installation file (and related manuals) of the latest TSC Console version is available under “Product Support & Downloads” on the TSC official website.
What are the minimum system requirements for this software?
  • Operation System: Windows XP SP3/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows 10/ Windows Server 2008 SP2/ Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1/ Windows Server 2012/ Windows Server 2012 R2/ Windows Server 2016/ Windows Server 2019
  • System permission requirements: Read and write permissions of installation directory
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: .NET Framework 4.0 or later
How do I configure settings of single or multiple printers?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the printers
  2. Click “Functions” then “Printer Configuration” to access the Printer Configuration page
  3. Modify the printer settings and press “Set”
How do I copy the settings from one printer to another?
  1. Use base printer accessing to open the Printer Configuration page
  2. Press “Get” to access printer settings
  3. Press “Save” to export printer settings to a .dcf file
  4. Close the configuration page and click the checkbox to select the target printers
  5. Enter the printer configuration page again
  6. Press “Load” and select the .dcf file to import printer settings
  7. Press “Set” to deploy printer settings
How do I switch languages on my printer?
  1. Click “Advanced then “Preference” to access the preference page
  2. Select the language and press “OK”
Why is there a red warning icon on my TSC Console interface?

There might be problems with the printer. Please place the mouse cursor on the icon to see more details.

How do I use TSC Console to update firmware?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the desired printers
  2. Click “Tools” then “File Manager Tool” option to access the File Manager page
  3. Reclassify the file type as “Firmware File”
  4. Press “Browse” to select Frimware File
  5. Press “Download” to update firmware
What to do if I forget my account password?

Please contact us via e-mail,

How do I update TSC Console to the latest version?

Please go to the "Product Support and Download" page on the TSC official website to download the latest version of the software.